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Tips to Help Enjoy 'Together Time' on a Traveling Nurse Assignment

Travel nursing assignments offer licensed clinicians a rare opportunity to explore different regions of the country with loved ones. While taking those closest to you on a 13-week adventure to a new city is exciting, immersing yourselves in a completely unfamiliar location can strain even the healthiest relationships.

Beyond the challenges of finding your collective groove in a new home environment, travel nurses must also keep up with the high demands of their professional environment as well; it's easy to become overly consumed with work and forget to set aside enough time for the people you brought with you.

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Travel Nurse Jobs: Packing Tips To Make Life on the Road Easier

Preparing for travel nurse jobs is exciting – particularly if it's your first time on a contract assignment. However, crossing everything off your to-do list can be stressful. This is especially true when packing for your travel nurse gig.

Leaving home for a couple of months means you'll definitely want to take some of your favorite comforts of home with you for the trip. However, travel nurse jobs are temporary. It's essential to stay focused during the packing process, so you don't end up hauling more than you have to with you to each new zip code.

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Five Things You May Not Know About Travel Nursing

Most people know that travel nurses have the unique opportunity to explore new destinations across the U.S. while working at some of the most innovative and renowned facilities across the country – which is all true.

However, travel-nursing assignments offer licensed clinicians far more than a change of personal and professional scenery every 13 weeks. Many practitioners considering a contract project don't yet realize that partnering with a qualified travel nursing staffing company offers unparalleled access to a diverse and dynamic range of benefits that enrich the entire work experience.

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Taking Pets on Your Travel Nurse Jobs: How to Plan for Success

Travel contracts allow nurses the opportunity to earn highly-competitive pay, expand their skill sets, and explore the country while working at some of the most renowned healthcare facilities in the U.S. Best of all, travel assignments give nurses an opportunity to pursue professional adventures with those most important to us—including our four-legged loved ones.

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Building Your Travel Nursing Resume: Six Tips to Help You Stand Out

Are you considering a travel nursing assignment? Building your travel nursing resume is an essential first step in the process. Most healthcare professionals assume that filling out an online agency application is all that's required to begin their travel nurse job search. However, leading medical staffing firms can receive countless applicants for a single open contract. Including a well-crafted nursing resume can quickly highlight your professional differentiators and separate your candidate profile from the competitive masses. More importantly, submitting a current and thorough account of your work experience can help medical recruiters quickly find the best open assignments for your specific skill set and preferences.

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Stay Connected with Loved Ones on Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing jobs offer licensed and certified healthcare professionals an unparalleled opportunity to jet set across the country, explore new cities, and deliver compassionate care to patients in diverse medical environments.

While it's thrilling to both sightsee like a tourist and live like a local (all while expanding your skill sets and experience levels), travel nurse assignments can sometimes prove challenging for nurses who opt to pursue professional adventure alone. Living and working in an unfamiliar location without friends, family, and loved ones nearby can make it difficult to stay connected with those important to us, prompting a major case of homesickness when we least expect it.

Fortunately, technology makes it easier than ever for travel nurses to avoid feeling isolated when on assignment. Here are a few ways to maintain your personal relationships and make those that matter most feel like they are part of the experience while you're on the road.

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Make Time for Personal Pursuits on Your Travel Nurse Contracts

As a licensed nurse, you already know firsthand the risks associated with not prioritizing self-care. However, for healthcare professionals on travel nurse contracts, practicing routine holistic wellness is critical. Long shifts, coupled with the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new colleagues, and treat new patients can make it easy for travel nurses to become overly consumed with their professional endeavors.

Not embracing personal time can have negative consequences that extend beyond emotional, spiritual, and mental health, potentially impacting a nurse's physical functioning. A 2004 study from the Department of Health and Human Services showed that excessively long hours and odd shifts can trigger physical injuries, obesity, chronic illnesses, and even impede overall job performance.

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Six Ways To Make Your Travel Nurse Housing Feel Like Home

Your travel nurse housing can play an essential role in the overall success of your healthcare contract. Many licensed medical professionals focus solely on city and facility alone when choosing their next traveling nurse assignment.

However, where you spend time between shifts is also important. It's crucial to create a living environment that is comfortable and relaxing to prevent homesickness, as well as promote emotional and spiritual wellness throughout the duration of your contract.

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Five Ways To Achieve Work/Life Balance With Your Travel Nurse Salary

Travel nursing assignments provide an excellent way for healthcare professionals to earn a highly competitive salary for administering licensed and compassionate care to patients across the country.

While the paycheck boost is a welcome benefit, many nurses quickly learn that exploring their temporary hometown, while fun, is also expensive. Checking out the culture, sights, and attractions of a new city when not on duty can quickly add up, simultaneously driving an increase in both spending and stress levels.

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Top Travel Nursing Locations in the East

Travel nursing delivers an unparalleled opportunity to pursue both professional advancement and personal adventure. As a licensed and registered travel nurse, you'll not only get the chance to do what you love, but you'll also enjoy the freedom of choosing where you'll go to do it.

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I have been with the same travel recruiters since 2004. I absolutely love my company (Allied Resource Medical Staffing). The company goes above and beyond with personalized attention to each employee. I have never been without an assignment, and I am also proud to be part of an agency that is JACHO certified. The office staff and administrators continually strive to improve client satisfaction as well as to provide the employees with all of their needs, such as Health Insurance, Direct deposit, and manageable schedules that work with our home/family. - Dawn K., RN BSN, Flinton, PA